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Hospital & Clinic Patient Portals

In response to the federal government's push for higher quality care at reduced costs, health care providers utilize technology such as Patient Portals to optimize resources. Patient Portals are online health management tools that: 

  • improve communication between patients and providers
  • streamline processes 
  • offer patients 24/7 convenient access to their personal health information
St. James Parish Hospital and its provider-based clinics each offer a secure web-based Patient Portal. If you have previously signed up to our portals, sign-in by clicking the associated links below. If you are new to our portals, fill out the form below and you will be contacted to complete your registration. 

Hospital Patient Portal { SIGN-IN }

St. James Parish Hospital’s secure Patient Portal offers unrestricted access to certain clinical data such as lab test results, medications, allergies, health issues and immunization records. In addition, the hospital portal offers an integrated online bill pay system. Patients can view and pay hospital bills directly from the portal and easily make payments toward multiple hospital accounts.

Clinic Patient Portal { SIGN-IN }

Our provider-based clinics also offer a Patient Portal that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Our clinic portal can be utilized to request an appointment, request a prescription refill, pay your bill, review your visit notes and much more. Hospital-owned clinics with access to the clinic Patient Portal include:

  • Lutcher Family Clinic
  • Poche Medical Clinic
  • St. James West Bank Clinic
  • St. James Urology Clinic
  • St. James Surgical Specialists 

New to the Patient Portals

If you are new to our portals, fill out the form below and you will be contacted to complete your registration. It is your choice to sign up for one or both portals. If you want access to hospital and clinic information, you will need to sign-up for each portal. 

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